The HP 10bII+ is an upgrade of the HP 10bII. Hewlett Packard added more functions like depreciation, probability distribution calculations, bonds, expanded statistic capabilities, and depreciation.

HP 10bII+ calculator has continuous memory, turning it off does not affect the information you have stored. It remembers the value of the last computation.

Most of the Financial keystrokes remains exactly the same on both the HP 10bII and the HP 10bII+. For example, to solving the Time Value of Money (TVM) problems are straight forward. Enter the known amounts, press the variable to be solved for by just pressing the key. Same for margin, markup and profit calculations. Like the HP 12c, you don’t have to dig through menus to find functions, every function is found on the keyboard.

The Keyboard - The colors on the HP 10bII+ keyboard are nicer and brighter. The blue shifted functions is clearer. The keys are nicer to press and gave a more tactile feel.

The HP 10bII+ has more mathematical functions like SIN, COS, TAN Trigonometric and also the Pi constant (3.141592653589793).

The HP 10bII+ can now do date related calculations where dates can be entered in U.S. Format (mm.ddyyyy) and British Format (dd.mmyyyy). Days between Dates and Date Addition are available. For example, if today is 1 April 2012 and like to find out the number of day to 21 December 2012 (The day the world would end?). Use the following keystrokes to compute:

[C] to clear calculator

[Blue Shift] [D.MY/M.DY] to toggle to ‘dd.mmyyyy’ format, display show (D.MY)

1.042012 [Orange Shift] [DATE] to enter first date, display 1.04 (PEND)

[Orange Shift] [Delta DAYS]

20.122012 [Orange Shift] [DATE] to enter second date, display 264.

So, it is 264 days to the cataclysmic or transformative event.

HP 10bII+ Plus has more memory, up from 10 for the HP 10bII to 20 memory register. 0 through 9 and .0 through .9. Enter a valude then use [Orange Shift] [STO] .0 to store value to .0 variable. Also the memory allocation for cash flows is now 45 and 45 data points.

HP 10bII+ Plus allow the toggling between Algebraic Entry Mode and Chain Entry Mode. While the older 10bII operates under Algebraic Entry Mode.