HP Labs honor HP 35


HP Labs - 1966 to 2006. 40th Anniversary - Innovation That Counts. HP 35 Calculator has been honored as 1 of the 40 innovations with impact. Throughout its history, HP Labs has created or contributed significantly to technological innovations that have had a major impact on the industry. Many of these were firsts and unique in their time. In 1972, the first pocket scientific calculator: Engineers rise to Bill Hewlett’s challenge to create a scientific calculator that fits in a shirt pocket. It weighed 9 ounces and met Bill Hewlett’s challenge that it fit in a shirt pocket. In fact, engineers actually measured Bill’s shirt pocket to make sure that it would. The HP-35 was the calculator that instantly made the slide rule obsolete.

HP Labs kicks off year-long celebration of its 40th anniversary.

About HPL - Since its inception in 1966, HP Labs has fueled HP’s growth through technological inventions and innovations printing, computing and communications. Early contributions include the pocket scientific calculator, light-emitting diodes, thermal inkjet printing, precision architecture RISC technology and the first pocket computer with desktop performance.