HP39gs the best graphing calculator for students


Introducing the HP 39gs graphing calculator, which features a hip design and multiple connectivity options, including wireless. The HP 39gs is a powerful calculator is an ideal high school classroom tool that allows students and teachers to tackle complex math problems and perform other sophisticated operations.

In addition, the HP39gs comes in a modern white and grey look and clean lines are designed to appeal to its teenage audience. The HP 39gs generous memory allows users to create applications and to save their work such as notes, sketches, equations, formulas, graphs and Aplets - on the calculator for later use, unlike any other calculator in its class. In addition, a built-in Aplet library allows students to learn and explore different mathematical operations at their own pace. The HP39gs comes with an exclusive Aplet is HP Solve, which allows students to find any unknown variable without having to re-enter or modify the original equation. Aplets also can be used as building blocks for larger applications.

The HP 39gs includes ease-of-use and reliability features such as viewing symbols, numbers and graphs on a dynamic, easy-to-read split screen for convenient side-by-side comparisons. It uses familiar algebraic notation so data entry looks and works just like equations written on paper.

Building on HP’s broad line of calculators, the HP 39gs targets the high school math and science market with more connectivity options than comparably priced calculators. The 39gs offers infrared communications to wirelessly share data and applications with other compatible HP calculators as well as convenient, industry-standard USB and RS232 ports that enable students and teachers to save or download programs to a PC when needed.

Also, new Flash ROM allows for future system upgrades, and a hard, slide-on cover offers greater screen protection.

The HP 39gs is officially release to the public on 8 August 2006.