HP 40gs Connect

The HP 40gs connectivity kit (also known as HP ConnX3) allows you to transfer aplets, list, matrices, programs, data and notes from your HP40gs calculator to your PC.

In order to use HP ConnX3, you must have installed the HP Graphing Calculator USB drivers and have properly connected your HP 40gs calculator to your PC using the provided USB cable. Or HP Virtual Calculator 40gs with Virtual Comm Setup.

In order to transfer date from / to the calculator to / from the PC:

1. On the PC, Start the HP Calculator Connectivitiy Kit.


2. If this a grey box instead of the usual explorer, then there may be a connection error. Use the procedure below to establish a proper link up:

\* the calculator is turned on

\* the calculator is properly connected to the PC

\* the USB drivers are installed

\* The battery in the calculator are good

Then, disconnect the calculator from the PC for 5 second and reconnect it. You should then be able to select HPx9G+.

3. On the PC, select the directory where the program is located C:|3GP etris2|9G-40G

4. To receive data / program from the PC: On the calculator, Press {Shift} {Program} and press the [RECV] option. The select the “Disk drive” option and select " OK “.


“Preparing to get program” and the following screen will appear.


6. Select [ OK ] and it will prompt for a file name. Select [ CHOOS ] and then Select [ OK ] to pick “TETRI20.000”.

4 5

You will notice the log form on the PC displaying the communication status. Upon completion, press the {APLET} button, and the following will be display.


Select Tetris2 and then press the [ START ] button and have fun!