The Improved HP 12c Platinum

The new, build after 2005, HP 12c Platinum (HP12cP) has been tuned for speed and user interface. The 12cp now does the TVM calculation in less than a second. The keyboard key click feel just like the original HP 12c with a nice soft but positive click and the data entry navigation has been improved. Whether you’re a finance student or full-time professional, you can count on the HP-12C Platinum.

new 12cp keys

How do I know it is the new HP 12c Platinum?

The model number is the same and the only visible difference that is the open/close parenthesis symbols on the [STO] [RCL] keys and the Undo on the [divide] key and Backspace on the [-] key (Circled Red on the above photo). This is fully visible without opening the transparent clam-shell retail package.

How to use the new Undo function?

Every time you press [CLX], [g][-], [f][CLEAR REG], [f][CLEAR FIN] or [f][CLEAR SUM] key to clear data, the status indicator appears in the display. This means you can press [g][UNDO] to undo the last operation, to recover the data. The Undo function is only available immediately after data has been cleared. When the Undo indicator is turned off no operation can be undone.

How fast is fast?

The traditional TVM that takes about 3 to 4 minutes to solve now takes less than a minute!