HP MCL Solution Starter Package

Quick and easy setup - simply connect the HP StreamSmart 410 to a HP Graphing Calculator. The probes will read the environment and start to stream incoming data to the Calculator. The HP MCL Experiment Book includes a variety of fun experiments. Experiment in and out of classroom. Lightweight, compact measurement tools lend themselves to field experiments. No need to carry a notebook computer.

1 x HP 39gs, HP 39gII or HP Prime Graphing Calculator

1 x HP StreamSmart 410

5 x HP Fourier Probes:

  1. Light Probe

    Triple Range: 0 to 600 lux, 0 to 6000 lux, 0 to 150,000 lux

    Accuracy: 4 % over entire range

    Spectral Response: Visible light

  2. Gas Pressure Probe

    Sensor’s range is 0 to 700 kPa (0 to 6.9 atm or 0 to 7000 mbar)

    Measures applied external pressure relative to zero pressure reference sealed inside the sensor.

  3. Distance Sensor

    The Distance sensor measures the distance between the sensor and an object in the range of 0.2 to 10 m.

  4. Temperature Probe

    Range: - 25 degree C to 110 degree C

    Accuracy: 2 % over entire range

    Response Time (for 90% change in reading): 20 seconds in liquid, 40-60

    seconds in air

    Sensing Element: Located inside the sensor’s tip

    Housing: Stainless steel tube

  5. Microphone Probe

    +/- 2.5V

Bring math and science to life with the HP MCL Starter Kit. Connect math and science formulas to everyday physical phenomena. It’s so easy - just plug it in and watch real-world data stream from Fourier sensors. Experiment book included. Connect math and science to everyday physical phenomena. Perform real-time data streaming with real-world data. Collect data from up to four sensors simultaneously, at an astounding 5,000 or more samples/second.