Why the HP50G is better than the TI89T

The biggest advantage is RPN. Writing out very complicated or tedious equations is almost foolproof. You cannot know until you experience it.

Another nice thing about 50G over the 89T is the functions and superfunctions on keys are MUCH easier to read than the 89Ts. On the 50G, the colors are white, yellow, and orange on a black background. The 89T uses light green, light blue, and silver on a grey background. The buttons on the HP are stiffer and feel sturdier than the 89Ts.

The screen on the HP has better contrast and it is much easier to read at an angle (like on a table next to your textbook) than the TI’s. The TI tends to get garbled when viewing from much of an angle.

And the SD card slot! 2GB of memory!

The TI is a really great tool, which I can crank things out on.  The HP feels “cooler” and feels like an extension of myself.  RPN is very similar to how one thinks when solving a problem.  Also HP physical and software layout makes it seem more like a serious machine than the TI.