HP Calculators Redefine Style and Usability

BERLIN, June 10, 2008 - HP today kicked off a new era of calculators by introducing the HP Business Consultant calculator, which boasts a sleek, modern design, while continuing in the HP heritage of technical innovation and product performance. The HP 20b Business Consultant is the first device based on the new HP calculator industrial design platform that unites style and usability to deliver visually distinct and meaningful elements across the company’s calculator lineup. The new design platform includes user-friendly elements such as tapered side surfaces for a visually thinner aesthetic, a comfortable grip and a guide when slipping the calculator into a pocket. Raised edges provide added protection to the screen and keypad.  The beveled keys allow for easy visual separation of dual function labeling directly on the key, which leaves the faceplate free of text, contributing to the calculator’s clean, uncluttered look.