stat key

Statistical Models include issues such as statistical characterization of numerical data, estimating the probabilistic future behavior of a system based on past behavior, extrapolation or interpolation of data based on some best-fit, error estimates of observations, or spectral analysis of data or model generated output. The HP 20b supports 8 Statistical Models.

Statistics operations require the use of two secondary function keys [Shift][Stats] and [Shift][Data]. The Statistics Menu is used to analyze the data. If you attempt to open the Statistics (Stats) menu before entering data, you will be redirected to the Data menu. The Data menu is use primarily to enter statistical data. To reset the Stats and Data menus, press [Shift][Reset] and at the ‘Stats=’ prompt, confirm your choice by pressing [INPUT].

Stat Menu

HP 20b Data Entry:

Press [Shift][Data] put it into data entry mode. When opened, the menu displays ‘2Vars’. Press [INPUT] repeatedly to scroll through the menu items: ‘2Vars’ two-variable, ‘1Var’ one-variable, and ‘1Weight’ one-variable weighted. Press [Down Arrow] with an item displayed to open the first sub-menu. To return from the sub-menu to the menu above it, press [Up Arrow].

Month = Sales Values

1 = 150

2 = 165

3 = 160

4 = 175

5 = 170

Here is the keystrokes to enter the above ‘2Vars’ two-variable data into the HP 20b.

Lets do some statistical analysis on the HP 20b.