HP49G+ Firmware Version: 2.01 - 4.01 Build 0080

Firmware: 4.01 Build 0080

ROM Version: 2.01

File Name: 49Gp_80.bin

Download (File Size: 770 KB)


This package contains a new version of the HP49G+ Rom (2.00).

This new version address the followings:

Note: In order to upgrade your calculator, you must have a Secure Digital card reader and a secure Digital card formatted using the FAT file system (not FAT32). Although the ROM update process should not erase any of the user data stored in HOME, IRAM (PORT0), ERAM(PORT1) and SD(PORT3), this upgrade may erase some of the data in FLASH(Port2) performing a backup of your valuable data is therefore recommended.

To do so, if you have a SD card, use the BACKUP command (documented in the manual) to archive the HOME directory (in ALG mode: BACKUP(:3:back) ENTER, or in RPN mode: :3:back BACKUP ENTER). Then, use the filer to copy all data from IRAM, ERAM and FLASH into the SD card.

To prepare for installing the new ROM:

  1. Download the package from the Hewlett-Packard web site.
  2. Extract the package.
  3. Ensure that you have good batteries in the calculator.

Installing the ROM using a Secure digital card:

  1. Copy the files: 49Gp_50.bin and update.scp (located in the directory where you extracted the downloaded package) to an SD card formatted using the FAT format (not FAT32).
  2. On the calculator, press and hold the + and - buttons and press the RESET button using a paper clip or other blunt object.
  3. Release the RESET button, wait 2 seconds and release the + and - keys. Your calculator screen should display the update and self test menu.
  4. Insert the SD card (upside down) in the calculator.
  5. Press 1 (Update ROM CODE)
  6. Press 2 (Update from SD CARD)
  7. The calculator should start updating the ROM (you will see flashing messages telling you about the update process). This should take around 1 minute.
  8. When the upgrade is finished (the calculator displays: ‘Update Finish, waiting for reset’), press the reset button. Your calculator has been upgraded.