HP StreamSmart 410

The HP StreamSmart (Data Logger) allows user to setup experiment to record and collect data. The HP StreamSmart 410 can easily collect data points at rates up to 5,700 samples per second. By attaching to measurement probes, data from motion, sound, temperature and light can be recorded. The HP StreamSmart 410 comes with Mini-USB port and USB cable allows for PC connectivity for classroom tutorials and presentations using optional virtual calculator software. HP Stream Smart calculator Aplet works seamlessly with the statistics calculator Aplet on both HP 40gs and HP 39gs Graphing Calculators.

When you plug a Probe into the HP StreamSmart, it is automatically identified. HP StreamSmart is compatible to Fourier Probes. Hence the HP StreamSmart can accommodate more probes than most data logging system on the market.

Software HP Aplet software: Captures 1-4 data streams simultaneously and exports data for analysis in the calculator statistics Aplet, with 9 fit models and summary statistics. The HP StreamSmart 410 is connected via an attached Mini-Serial cable to HP 39gs or 40gs (50g) graphing calculator.

HP Calculator software: Virtual HP 39gs/40gs calculator (and HP 50g) on your PC (Windows XP, Vista) is connected to the HP StreamSmart 410 via Mini-USB port: connects to Windows-based PC (XP, Vista).

Powerful math and science class tool as the HP StreamSmart helps students to visualise results immediately. It is ideal for experiments in a variety of courses:

Simple user interface and very easy to get the data into the Statistics Aplet for analysis.

What’s in the HP StreamSmart Box - HP StreamSmart 410, Li-Polymer 3.7V rechargeable battery, user manual, mini-serial cable (attached to the unit), CD-ROM with HP calculator software.