HP Calculators take an assortment of different types of batteries. The following questions are answered in this document:

Where do I buy the batteries?

They are available in most drug stores, camera stores or grocery stores. Other places to purchase batteries include the Internet (click on the link below).

3-volt Energizer ECR2032 (Duracell DL 2032 Panasonic CR2032) [Li-Ion] - hp 10bii x 2; hp 12c x 3

1.5-volt Energizer Max AAA [Alkaline] - hp 38G, 39G, 48G series, 49G

1.5-volt button-cell Energizer A76 (Duracell PX76A/675A Panasonic LR44) [Manganese Dioxide] - hp 30s

Batteries Dos and Don’ts