HP 82240b Infrared Printer

The battery-powered infrared printer is a revolutionary companion for your new calculator. Because it operates with an invisible infrared beam, no cord is necessary to connect it to the calculator. Producing hard copies in the field or in your office could not be easier. And this improved version offers easier-to-read output and automatic shutoff for extended battery life.

Operation of the infrared printer is easy, too. Simply aim your calculator at the printer (from up to 18 inches away), send print instructions and you get a neat, clean copy of your calculations. You can print a complete record of your work, or select and print only what you need.

Just four AA alkaline batteries give the infrared printer go-anywhere portability. Or to extend battery life, plug in the optional ac/dc adapter.

Works with a number of HP calculators including 17BII, 19BII, 38G, 39G, 48G, 48G+, 48GX.

Includes: Infrared printer, four AA alkaline batteries, one roll of printer paper and User’s Guide.

Note: HP no longer produce HP82240b Infrared Printer. This page was provided for information purpose only.

Differences between HP82240A and HP82240B:

The difference is in the character set that the printers can, well, print. The ‘B’ model has more characters, and if I recall correctly some of those common to A & B are remapped in model B. The HP82240A uses the Roman8 character set, while the HP82440B allows you to choose between the Roman8 and ECMA94. The HP82440B was introduced later and the new character set (ECMA94) fully supports the HP48 character set.

Other differences are related to power consumption and extra space between text lines.

The 82240A has no LED. The indication that it’s on (other than that it receives a signal and prints) is the switch position and the red dot visible on the switch. The 82240B has a red LED visible through the IR window (as well as the red dot) when it’s on and able to receive IR signals. When an external power source is used, it stays on and ‘ready’ indefinitely.