Who was Leon Bollee?


Leon Bollee (1870~1913) was French inventor of the first calculating machine. Leon Bollee who was a son of the most important pioneer of steam road vehicles in France; Amedee Bollee pere. Here is the German Patent 82963 awarded to Leon Bollee in 1895.

calculating machine

Leon Bollee in Le Mans (Frankreich) Rechenmaschine.

Bollee’s machine was one of the earliest of its type and was a direct multiplier with a built-in multiplication table. Later on Bollee was more interested in designing, building and racing sports cars.

leon bolleeLeon Bollee was the first in France to build small gasoline powered vehicles, beginning to do so in 1895. This voiturette as he called it, was introduced in the 1896 Paris-Marseille-Paris race. With three speeds of 6-12-18 mph, it was one of the fastest of its type. In 1897 modified versions won the Paris-Dieppe race at 24 mph and the Paris-Trouville race at 28 mph. Specifications: tandem two-seat tri-car;engine four-cycle, single-cylinder,air-cooled, with hot tube ignition;bore 76 mm., stroke 145 mm., displacement 650 cc., 2.5 hp.

Leon Bollee was the first person in France to create a small petrol car and so he called it ‘Voiturette’, distinguishing it from steam powered vehicles. The name however was taken up by both the trade and public in France as a name in general for a small light car and so it continued to be used.

Do you know that there is a school in Vietnam named L’Institut Léon Bollée founded by Michel Mouyssinat and Patrick Désir.

Do you know that there is a school in Vietnam named ** L’Institut Léon Bollée** founded by Michel Mouyssinat and Patrick Désir