Calculator Policy

‘Adapted from CFA Institute’s website on calculator policy’

Two models of business calculator are authorized for use on the Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) examinations: the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and the Hewlett Packard HP 12C or HP 12C Platinum (including the HP 12c 25th Anniversary Edition). CFA Institute strictly enforces all policies with regard to calculator usage during the exams and candidates are required to abide by CFA Institute’s policies.

Your calculator will be inspected prior to the start of the examination. Your calculator must then remain on your desk in full view and proctors will continue to inspect calculators throughout the administration of the examination. Proctors are instructed to confiscate all unauthorized calculators. Failure by the proctors to detect an unauthorized calculator prior to the start of the examination, or your use of an unauthorized calculator at any time during the exam, does not imply that the calculator is an approved model or that your scores will ultimately be reported. Use of an unauthorized calculator is considered a violation of CFA Institute rules, regulation and policies, and may result in a professional conduct investigation with the possibility of sanctions up to and including suspension from participation in the CFA Program and voiding of your examination results.

Calculator covers are permitted in the testing room. The Texas Instruments BAII Plus cover contains a keystroke card; the Hewlett Packard HP 12C has keystrokes printed on the back of the calculator. Candidates may refer to these keystroke instructions during the exam. Loose batteries (no packaging) are permitted in the testing room; however, CFA Institute advises you to place fresh batteries in your calculator on the day before the exam. You may keep a small screwdriver with you if necessary to replace batteries in the BAII Plus. Instruction manuals are not permitted in the testing room.