HP 12c Specifications

1 line x 10 characters; 10 x 7-segment, single line LCD Display, RPN Entry-system logic, No Menus/Prompts, Numeric Keyboard. More than 120 Built-in functions, including financial functions like TVM, NPV, IRR cash flows, amortization and depreciation. 20 Memory registers. 2 x CR2032 batteries to power the HP 12c with power off memory protection.

Product name/Model NumberHP12C

HP12C Physical Features

Display1 line x 10 char. LCDEntry system logicRPNMemory/additional user - RAMYes/noneBuilt-in functionsOver 120KeyboardNumbers

12C Business/Finance features

TVM (loans, savings and leasing)YesAmortizationYesCash flow analysisRegister-basedCash flow functions/No. of functionsIRR NPV / 15Print table with HP 82240BNoBond Price and yieldYesDepreciation methodsSL DB SOYDInterest rate conversionsNoCurrency conversions and unit conversionsNo

Statistics/Mathematics with HP12C

Statistical analysisCumulativeStd deviation/ mean/ weighted meanYesForecasting, correlation coefficientYes+, -, x, /, %, 1/x, +/-, 1n, X, ex, n!, yx, SUM x, SUM x2, SUM y, SUM y2, SUM xyYesLOG, 10x, PI, xNo

Time and Data Management for HP12C

Clock, calendar, appointments and alarmsNoDate arithmeticYesNumber lists, edit, sort, storeNo

Customizing Features

MethodKeystroke programmingMemory capacity99 stepsCustom menusNoSolve for any variable without programmingNo

HP12C Peripherals

Optional Infra-red Printer, HP 82240BNoBatteries3 x LR44 or 1 x CR2032