HP 10bii Tutorial

To begin, look at the face of the calculator. Every key (except two, the gold and purple shift keys) on the hp 10bii (HP10BII) has two or possibly three functions: each key’s primary function is noted in white on the key itself, while each key’s secondary function is noted in gold. A third possible function is noted in purple over the key. For business purposes, we will be focusing on the white and gold functions. To use the function on the key, simply press the key. To access the golf function on each key, first press the key with the solid gold face, which we will call the {gold shift} key, and then press the desired function key. (Note that the gold shift key is near the lower left corner of the calculator keyboard.)

Turning the hp 10bii Calculator On and Off

To turn on the HP10BII calculator on, press ON.

Note that the ON key is on the lower left corner of the keyboard the face of the key has a white  ON, while the word  OFF appears on the bottom of the key. To conserve the battery, the calculator turns itself off about 10 minutes after your last keystroke.

To turn the HP10BII calculator off, press  OFF.

Here we are using the solid black square to represent the gold shift key. Thus, the keystrokes to turn the calculator off are (1) hit the gold shift key, and (2) hit the ON key. Note that the word  OFF appears below the ON in gold. Thus, by hitting the gold shift key first, we are activating the gold function above the ON key, which is the off function. Also, note that hitting the gold shift key places a little shift in the lower left corner of the display. Press the gold shift key again and the word  shift disappears. The is a toggle key that switches back and forth between the regular and the gold functions. This gold button is like the typewriter shift key.

Note that the calculator has a continuous memory, so turning it off does not affect any data stored in the calculator.