HP 49g graphing calculator

The hp 49g performs in science and math like no other calculator.

It has the power of 3-D graphing, notes, and lists in an RPN capable graphing calculator. The HP 49g is a Scientific Programmable Graphing Calculator for professionals in math, science and engineering.

HP 49g come with large memory

1.5MB of memory (512KB RAM and 1MB Flash ROM for data storage) lets you take full advantage of the biggest, most comprehensive library of third-party calculator programs, games and software applications available for use with a calculator.

Dynamic algebra and calculus

The HP 49g’s advanced built-in Computer Algebra System ( CAS) puts truly dynamic symbolic manipulation, and symbolic and numeric solving within your grasp. Whether you want to perform complex arithmetic, calculus functions, or solve a system of linear equations, the advanced built-in CAS is flexible, dynamic, and yet completely user-friendly. The HP 49g even prompts you automatically to switch to complex mode when you begin working with complex equations or expressions. In a text or exam, the answer is only part of the solution; if you’re interested in learning how to get the right answer, the 49g can show you. The CAS step-by-step mode for dynamic derivation, integration and linear algebra problem solving displays all steps and results in textbook mode so you can see and understand the process of problem-solving.

Leading-edge hp design

Smooth edges, streamlined curves, and a sleek, sturdy shape make the HP 49g comfortable for either hand-held or desktop use. It comes in light metallic blue with a translucent blue slide-on cover that guards the screen and keyboard against damage. The HP 49g keyboard is user-friendly: large keys with soft edges and generous key spacing keep you from time-wasting keystroke errors. Alpha letters appear on the keys.

See more on the big screen with hp 49g

Get the big picture. input and view equations and expressions on the large 131 x 64 pixel, high-contrast screen in textbook mode, just as they appear in textbooks or on the blackboard. When you’re working with complex equations and expressions, you can reduce the need to scroll by selecting a from among four different sizes and styles of font.

HP 49g customize your inputs and outputs

The 49g lets you choose from three input modes according to your preference: familiar textbook, traditional algebraic or efficient RPN. Two default-screen history display options are available: textbook or algebraic.

Fast, flexible and intelligent hp 49g editor

Edit expressions, text, graphs and programs quickly and easily. More than just a passive editor, this feature of the 49g lets you isolate and evaluate sub-expressions as well as cut, paste, and copy objects, just as you would on your computer. Unsure how to enter an equation or expression correctly? The intelligent editor inserts missing parentheses for you and prompts your next input, both in real-time.

Make statistical inferences

With the HP 49g you go beyond analyzing sample data. You can perform hypothesis tests, and measure confidence intervals that relate to a population. You can input, view and edit sample data in table format, similar to that of a computer spreadsheet or table, then plot the results.

HP 49g Specifications