HP Graphing Calculator USB Device Driver on Microsoft Vista PC

This is the same driver for HP 39g+, HP 39gs, HP40gs, HP 48gII, HP49g, HP49g+ and HP 50g Calculators.

Manufacturer: HP Company

Location: HPx9G+ Device

Driver Provider: KinpoSH

Driver Date: 2003.07.12

Driver Version:

Driver Details: %windows% \ system32 \ drivers \ hpx9g+.sys

Here is the quick procedure of how you can obtain and install the USB drivers. This procedure is applicable for HP 40gs, HP 48gII and HP 50g Calculators.

I) Downloading and extracting the file

Download (File Size: 24KB)


Screen 1

After you have downloaded the software and double click on the zip file you should see the screen like the above. Follow step 1 to 3 and one step 3, type in C: \ and click the next button. This will extract the files inside zip file and put them in c: \ UsbDriver folder on your computer hard disk.

II) Installing the Calculator USB driver

Plug in the cable between the calculator and the computer. You should be able to hear a USB detection and if the driver has not be previously installed, the ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’ will appear.

Hardware Found

Screen 2

On step 5., remember to change the location of the file to C: \ UsbDriver so that the installation wizard knows where to look for it. If you are prompted ‘Hardware Installation… HPx9g+ DEVICE…’, do click on the ‘Continue Anyway’ button.

Go On

You should see the message ‘The software for this device has been successfully installed. HPx9G+ DEVICE.’ Click the ‘Close’ button.

III) Check that the USB driver has been properly installed