HP 10s F.Y.I.

HP 10s Singapore Only

The HP 10s is a general purpose scientific calculator that has more than 200 built-in functions but no graphing capabilities.

The HP 10s uses traditional algebraic logic type. This logic type utilizes parentheses and an equal key. Unary operations (e.g. square root) are performed on a number already existing in the calculator’s display register. This is also known as Algebraic Operating System (AOS).

For example: If you need to give a dozen of eggs to 2 boys and 4 girls. How many eggs do you need to buy?

12 x 4 + 2 = 50 (50 is the wrong answer)

You should enter into the HP 10s as:

Approved by MOE12 x ( 4 + 2 ) = 72


4 + 2 = 6

Ans x 12 = 72

Good Keyboard

The HP 10s has good colour scheme - orange (shift), green (alpha) and black on a white themed background. Function keys are in lighter gray, while the number pads are in higher contrast grey with white letterings. The marking are clear even under poor lighting condition. The HP 10s user can scan the calculator and quickly spot the right key.

Other keys on the HP 10s can be used for various operations depending on the state of the calculator. The state can be set by using the SHIFT and ALPHA keys or by putting the calculator into certain MODES. You can tell the state of the calculator by looking at the little indicators above the first line of the display.

HP 10s Display

The HP 10s has a two line display - the top line is where you put your input, the bottom line is where the calculator displays its answers.

HP 10s comes with eco friendly dual power source will ensure that the batteries never die on you in the examination hall.

back side

Behind the HP 10s, there are four big rubber feet. These feet will allow the 10s to rest firmly on the table. Even on smooth table top, it anchor the calculator down as you are using it - no more sliding across the table top!