HP 35s Programming Information

The yellow, blue and pink colors stand out from the black coloure themed of the HP 35s.

Equations no longer limited to 255 characters. Entering equation in a breeze - key in a long calculation in ALG mode and press ENTER. To go back and revise one part of that calculation, press the left cursor key, go back and make your change, then press ENTER again. HP 35s has the ability for non-destructive editing of equations using left cursor.

The HP 35s has 801 indirect registers (index values of 0 through 800 reference the indirect registers) plus 32 other registers (A through Z and stat registers). Each indirect register allocated on the HP 35s uses 37 bytes of available program memory.

On the HP 35s, programs “limited” to 999 lines per label now. A001 through A999, B001 through B999. Each program line uses at least 3 bytes, 1000 lines equals 3000 bytes. 26 labels x 3000 bytes is more than available memory. The HP 35s has 20 subroutine levels available. The HP 35s stack can hold 4 full complex numbers. New LOGIC functions work on base-N numbers. OR, NOR, NOT, AND, XOR, NAND.