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HP 45 advanced scientific pocket calculator

hp45The HP-45 was HP’s third handheld electronic calculator and the second scientific model. Early advertising brochures touted the HP-45 as doing "So much more. More than even our first "electronic slide rule!" The HP-45 added many advanced features to the HP’s first scientific calculator, the HP-35, including a built-in timer mode.

Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 05-Nov-2015, CHUI HT wrote: 
    Where can I but a working HP 45 calculator? Email htchui@singnet.com.sg
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  2. On 05-Mar-2015, Blaise Pascal wrote: 
    Why don't you guys try using my calculator. It's much cooler than yours.
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  3. On 19-Feb-2013, Robert Rowley wrote: 
    I would like to buy a HP-45 calculator that is in working condition.I loved mine, but it quit working
    contact me at the above address
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    • On 28-Nov-2014, Ladislav replied: 
      Hi Bob,
      I'm Ladislav from Prague, Czech Republic. I'm former HP support service man. I still own some spare parts and manual for your broken HP45 and might be able to repair it. Depends on the error type. Leave me an email if you are interested.
      Best Regards, Ladislav
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