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This Owner’s Handbook is intended to help you get the most out of your investment in your HP 32s II RPN Scientific Calculator.

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Updated On: 15.07.08

  1. On 05-Oct-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    configura una calculadora 32S II y arreglar un programa
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  2. On 05-Aug-2015, Xavier wrote: 
    j'aimerai avoir les différents prix des hp 32s 15c 11c merci
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  3. On 14-Sep-2013, Bill Turner wrote: 
    Just found my HP32S Keypad doesnt seem to operate too well. Any fixes for that. I can clear Memory and do a few operations. ln (x) works. Y^x works. 2 x 2 doesn’t work.
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    • On 17-Sep-2013, Ron Ross replied: 
      You can use the repair company fixthatcalc . Your calculator has an aged foam rubber compression piece under the LCD lens. If you apply some pressure under the LCD with your thumb ie press with finger or thumb, your keyboard will work.
      It is repairable, but these calculators were not designed to be taken apart. If you have done repairs, it is repairable, but you probably should give consideration to using fixthatcalc.
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