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HP-41CX alphanumeric handheld computer

By the time the HP-41CX was introduced, it was called a computer rather than a calculator. It had more than twice as many built-in functions and three times as much memory capacity as the HP-41C. When the HP-41C handheld calculator was introduced in 1979, it was the first calculator that could display alphabetic characters as well as numbers. But more importantly, it was fully programmable and expandable. For many people, the HP-41C was their introduction to computer programming. It was less expensive than a personal computer, and—through the HP Interface Loop (HP-IL0)—it could be hooked up to a printer, plotter and mass-storage device.

Updated On: 13.07.31

  1. On 19-Oct-2020, Robert wrote: 
    need a replacement battery pack for this calculator. HP 41 CX rechargeable battery pack
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  2. On 20-Feb-2019, Jim wrote: 
    How do you clear the RAD 2 on the screen from a 41CX
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  3. On 18-Jun-2015, John Paterson wrote: 
    How do I continue a program (survey) when it times out after 5 minutes of non-use? I think it's a flag #?
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  4. On 09-Dec-2013, DEREK G GRAHAM wrote: 
    Thank you for your board. The comma to decimal point answer was what I needed, courtesy of Mark Silver.
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  5. On 04-Aug-2014, Northseeker wrote: 
    Are all the ports & extensions (full memory, time module, IL loop) supported? How about synthetic programming?
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