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HP 41CX Emulator written by Warren Furlow (Release 7B).

Reference: www.hp41.org

Download - File Size = 150 KB

Update December 2011: There is an installation problem on Windows 7. We have repackage it into a simple zip file below. Open the zip file and drop the "V41" into any location. Then navigate into the "V41" folder and double click "V41.exe".

  1. On 05-Oct-2014, Ron Beck wrote: 
    Is it possible to import, export programs via csv files?
    Your reply to Ron Beck

  2. On 07-Jul-2014, HERVE wrote: 
    Your reply to HERVE

  3. On 08-Jun-2014, Bob Krohn wrote: 
    I have a bunch of key assignments that I make.
    To show them on the "keyboard" you can use a graphics program like Paint to add them to the relevant .bmp file in the program directory. There are three, small.bmp, medium.bmp and large.bmp . Remember to change the Properties on the Folder holding the program. Win7 has it as Read Only.
    Your reply to Bob Krohn

  4. On 22-Apr-2014, Henk Van Heerden wrote: 
    Good day HP 41CX Emulator written by Warren Furlow. Release 7B.

    When I exit the V41 emulator the following message pops up.

    Unable to rename temporary file: V41TEMP.lod to HP-41CX.lod

    Kind regards

    Your reply to Henk Van Heerden
    • On 08-Jun-2014, Bob Krohn replied: 
      Had the same problem.
      Needed to change the Properties for the Folder that the program is in..
      It was Read Only
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  5. On 28-Oct-2013, LGSC wrote: 
    I bought my replacement from www.hpcalculators.com
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  6. On 22-Mar-2013, Jay Fernandez wrote: 
    Sorry, I posted a question but failed to enter my E mail and name. I will do so now.
    Again, " how do I enter "%ch" on my 41cv. The manual failed me. thanks.
    Your reply to Jay Fernandez
    • On 24-Mar-2013, Peter Tong replied: 
      According to
      Press [XEQ] then followed by
      [ALPHA] [Gold Shift] [ % ] [ C ] [ H ] [ALPHA]
      For example to find the percentage difference between the value of 100 and 125.
      Type 100
      Press [Enter]
      Type 125
      Press [XEQ] then followed by
      [ALPHA] [Gold Shift] [ % ] [ C ] [ H ] [ALPHA]
      It should display the answer of
      Your reply to Peter Tong
      • On 22-Aug-2014, Galbraith replied: 
        Just input the numbers in X and Y register Then press 1/x, %, 1/X.
        Result appears in percent

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