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HP33 s Technical Information

Annunciators: Left Shift, Right Shift, ALG, RPN, EQN, GRAD, 01234,
A..Z, PRGM, HEX, OCT, BIN, HYP, !, batt, <, >, ^,V
Smallest: 1E-499
Largest: 9.999999999E499
Signif.-Digits: 12
Smallest: 1E-49999
Largest: 9.999999999E499
Signif.-Digits: 15
Data-Types-and-Sizes: real, 8 bytes?
Memory: Named-Registers: X, Y, Z, T, last X, A-Z, i, /c, n, \GSx, \GSy, \GSx^2, \GSy^2, \GSx
Flags: 12
Register-Usage: n/a
Numbered-Registers: 0
Keyboard: Shift-Keys: Left Shift, green, above left, Right Shift, red, above right, Alpha, blue, right
User-Defined-Keys: 6
Programmable-Operations:: modes: deg, rad, grad, ., , display: fix, sci, eng, all

Program Memory

  • solving and integrating programs
  • statistics programs:
    • curve fitting: straight line, exponential, logarithmic, power
    • normal and inverse-normal distributions
    • grouped standard deviations

Statistical Function

- one/two variable statitcis
- linear regression
- n, \GSx, \GSx^2, \GSy, \GSy^2, \GSxy

Base-n Function
- binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal number calculation and conversion
- complement calculation

- equalities: F(a)=G(b)
- assignments: a=G(b)
- expressions: G(b)

- internal Napier precision
- 13-level partheses

Mathematical Function
- trignonometric functions, inverse-trigonometric, hyperbolics
- polar-rectangular coordinate conversion
- power, square root, square, cube root, cube, reciprocal
- logarithmic and exponential
- natural logarithmic and exponential
- factorial
- int \-:
- permutation and combination
- RAND, seed

Fraction Mode
- /c function
- FDISP functin: fraction, decimal conversion
- most precise fraction
- factors of denominator
- fixed denominator
40 Physics constants; scientific, engineering notation; unit conversions

Updated On: 12.11.29

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