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HP 50g ROM upgrade using a SD card

Takes less than 3 minutes!

Here is the procedure:

  1. Download the HP50g ROM update.
  2. Copy the files: ?????.bin and update.scp that should be located in the zip folder into a SD card formatted in FAT File System (not FAT32).
  3. On the calculator, Press and hold the + and - Button and press on the RESET button using a paper clip or other blunt object.
  4. Release the RESET button, wait 2 second and release the + and - keys. Your calculator screen should display the update and self test menu.
  5. Insert the SD card (upside down) in the calculator.
  6. Press on 1 (Update ROM CODE)
  7. Press on 2 (Update from SD CARD)
  8. The calculator should start updating the ROM (you will see flashing messages telling you about the update process). This should take around 1 minute.
  9. When the upgrade is finish (the calculator displays: "Update Finish, waiting for reset"), press the reset button, your calculator has been upgraded.

On Step 7 if you get the message "NO CARD, OR ERROR", your SD Card maybe a capacity that is greater than the calculator (with boot version 3.19 or smaller) can handle or SD is not formatted to FAT File System. Try using a smaller capacity SD Card or reformat the card to FAT File System. Read this posting.

Using PC to reformat SD card to FAT File System:

  • Right click on the removable disk.
  • Select Format.
  • On the Format Removable Disk Dialog, change File System to "FAT".
    formatting SD Card
  • Click the "Start" button.

This procedure is applicable for HP49g+.

Updated On: 15.02.17

  1. On 28-Apr-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
    Ok, not working for me. Version 2.08. 2gb memory stick, formatted as indicated, FAT, not quick fomart. I'm getting really frustaded with it, so please somebody give me a shout asap! After formating the memory card I copied the 2 files into it. Pressed the buttons, inserted the paper clip, released the buttons, number 1, number 2 aaaand NO CARD, OR ERROR. f#ck off
    Your reply to Anonymous
    • On 16-Aug-2015, Tan replied: 
      Work only with 256MB sd card. Where to get this kind of card nowadays?
      Your reply to Tan

  2. On 30-Nov-2012, Vince wrote: 
    I have attempted twice to upgrade ROM v 2.15 after emptying the flash memory and formatting the SD Card and received error message "insufficient memory". What should I do?
    Your reply to Vince
    • On 30-Nov-2012, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi, you should try using a lower capacity SD card like the 1 GB. It has been reported that the newer higher capacity would get an error and that it does not support the newer SDHC cards.
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  3. On 30-Nov-2012, Vince wrote: 
    Is it permissible to update ROM v2.15 more than once if for any reason I have to empty the Flash memory and format the SD Card ?
    Your reply to Vince

  4. On 23-Aug-2012, João Francisco wrote: 
    Using my calculator he crashed and went into a state of "Try to recover memory?", Did ja till update to 2.15 ram, and nothing makes exit this screen, the ultimate in making and changing the screen hp. Someone has gone through this and had a solution?
    Your reply to João Francisco
    • On 24-Aug-2012, Anonymous replied: 
      Try pressing ON key and F3 simultaneously. Hold for two seconds, then release them. This will reset the 50g.
      There is was a discussion on this topic here....
      Your reply to Anonymous

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