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HP Prime ROM 2015.06.17

Date Released: 2015/06/17

FirmwareVersion: 2015 06 17 (8151)

Description: This maintenance release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers fixes to outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

New Functionality:

  1. Theme variable to allow programmatic access to current system theme and color settings
  2. Added PredX support for logistic fit in statistics 2 var

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS:

  1. Removed ability to install on Windows XP as it is no longer supported
  2. Resolved issues with the Define key and memory management view
  3. Resolved issue with using program catalog RUN box and RPN input mode
  4. Resolved issue with editing complex matrices through interface
  5. Resolved issue with several matrix manipulation commands like REDIM
  6. Resolved issue in connkit with opening Inference app from earlier firmware release
  7. Resolved issue with unit saving in spreadsheet
  8. Resolved issue where matrix would be linked after using M2:=M1
  9. Resolved issue with display of constants in chooser
  10. Resolved issue with several surveying units by increasing internal precision
  11. Resolved issue with plot shading in some hypothesis tests
  12. Resolved issue where colors in stat plotters not always matching definition in SYMB
  13. Resolved issue with E- in a constant while in CAS
  14. Resolved issue with Save in note catalog not using selected note but top note in list
  15. Resolved issue with Copy/Paste of long strings
  16. Resolved issue where non-exported app program variables appeared in vars->app
  17. Resolved issue with CHOOSE command and choose fields in INPUT command
  18. Resolved issue with digit separators when using Memory->Edit
  19. Resolved issue with Lin Reg T Test plot in Inference
  20. Resolved issue with dot plots containing large groups of data
  21. Resolved issue with in versus inch units and µ prefix in CAS

Resolved issues and changes in CAS:

  1. Resolved issue with <= and >= in assumptions
  2. Resolved issue with order of assumptions
  3. Resolved issue with "translate" command and circles
  4. Resolved issue with EIGENVAL and certain matrices
  5. Resolved issue where isosceles_triangle command did not accept input in degrees

Date Released: 2015/04/27

FirmwareVersion: 2015 04 27 (7820)

Description: This release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers significant new features and fixes outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience. Primary focus in this release is enhancements to statistics and graphing gestures.

Statistics 1 Variable:

  1. Symbolic view improvements
  2. Plot view improvements
  3. Numerical view improvements

Statistics 2 Variable:

  1. Symbolic view improvements
  2. Plot view improvements
  3. Numerical view improvements


  1. Symbolic view improvements
  2. Plot view improvements


  1. Plot view improvements: Ability to pinch/zoomin the X direction only or Y direction only. Ability to sketch afunction directly of the types exp, ln, sin, x^2, linear.

New Functionality:

  1. Added more distribution functions – density/cumulative/inverse: beta, exponential, gamma, geometric, negbinomial, uniform, weibull
  2. Added more random generation functions: binomial, chisquare, fisher, geometric, poisson, student
  3. Added functions DDAYS, DATEADD, DAYOFWEEK
  4. Added application variables AFiles, AFilesB and DelAFiles. Allows direct access of application specific files
  5. Added variables HVars and DelHVars. Allows direct creation and access of home variables
  6. Added application variables AVars and DelAVars. Allows direct creation and access of application specific variables
  7. Applications now individually contained inside a directory structure to group variables and files together
  8. Sequence application can start at a location from 0-1000. Less stringent checking of recursion to allow things like U1(U2(N-1))
  9. Improved on-calculator DEBUG interface
  10. Added ability for title and display only in EDITLIST and EDITMAT
  11. Improved copy and paste in table editors through entire system
  12. Added CellName variable in spreadsheet to interact with names
  13. Added Cursor variable in spreadsheet to place cursor and selection
  14. Added a product template for 2D equation entry/display
  15. Improved plot/object drawing in CAS history to allow geometry objects and plots to be directly displayed
  16. Added MEMORY command to allow programs to check space
  17. Added UPPER and LOWER string commands to convert case
  18. Added display of G0-G9 in history
  19. Added ability to use + and – keys directly for one directional limits
  20. Added ability to use non-real inputs in the program catalog RUN menu
  21. Added clear confirmation on programs and note editor

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS:

  1. Resolved issue with local variable initialization in a program with using a complex number
  2. Renamed “Program” and “Note” into “AProgram” and “ANote” to distinguish better from variables “Programs” and “Notes”
  3. Resolved issue with having a space before the #end in a #cas #end block
  4. Resolved issue with local lists to allow local l= {{{1,2}}}; l(1,1,2);
  5. Resolved issue with FOR STEP not rounding step calculation
  6. Resolved issue with sqrt from catalog not placing cursor nicely
  7. Improved setting/getting in stats using H1-H5, S1-S5
  8. Resolved issues with the Instruction(n) command
  9. Resolved issue where connkit causes emulator to not connect to streamer on connection if the connkit was running
  10. Improved interval arithmetic in advanced grapher for non-negative integer exponents
  11. Resolved issues with use of Notes variable
  12. Resolved issue with unit display in CAS using units in 2D display
  13. Resolved issue with Physics constants not being disabled in exam mode
  14. Improved named spreadsheet cells to appear in app variable menu
  15. Resolved issues with INPUT command
  16. Resolved issue with nested CHOOSE calls used from user key
  17. Resolved issue with program catalog "RUN" button and terminal
  18. Removed the H1Type-H5Type variables in Stat 1Var. Use H1(3):= to change plot type.
  19. Removed the S1Type-S5Type variables in Stat 2Var. Use S1(4):= to change fit type.
  20. App functions CHECK/ISCHECK/UNCHECK(10) now no longer map to the "0" Symbolic item. Use input of 0 instead of 10.

Resolved issues and changes in CAS:

  1. Resolved issue with sum((-1)^k/k^2,k,1,inf)
  2. Return exact answer for some integrals like int(t^3/(exp(t)-1),t,0,inf)
  3. Added numeric evaluation of digamma and polygamma function Psi
  4. Resolved issue with variable in Dirac for ilaplace, e.g. ilaplace(2,x,t)
  5. Resolved issue with desolve(y''=(2)-(exp(-(x))))
  6. Return simpler solutions for some linear diff eqs
  7. Return something simple for things like sqrt(3)*(2*x)^(1/3)/(3x)^(1/4)
  8. Resolved issue with SVD and symmetric matrices
  9. Resolved issue with limit((tan(x)-x)/x^3,x=inf)
  10. Resolved issue with int(1/sin(x^-1))
  11. Resolved issue with arcLen(ln(cos(x)),x,0,pi/4)
  12. Resolved issue with randMat(5,5,4,7)
  13. Resolved issue with frequencies median([5,6,2,3],[2,2,2,2])
  14. Improved variable guessing in desolve
  15. Resolved issue with limit(√(x^2+2*x+1)-(√(x^2)),x,∞)
  16. Resolved issue with int(1/(cos(x)^4+sin(x)^4),x,0,pi)
  17. Resolved issue to avoid long calculations in nested sqrt simplification
  18. Removed functions "UTPN", "UTPT", "UTPF", "UTPC" removed from parser recognition. Use the supported normald_..., student_..., fisher_..., chisquare_... command sets
  19. Removed "nSolve". Use existing "fsolve" instead
  20. Removed "version" removed. VERSION command contains the CAS version information
  21. Removed function "trace" from catalog as it was a duplicate name. Use existing "TRACE" command
  22. Added functions "fourier_an", "fourier_bn" and "fourier_cn"

Updated On: 15.07.06

  1. On 09-Nov-2015, Luis wrote: 
    I have updated to ROM 2015.06.17 I have hardware version A on my prime. CAS issue 13 in the release notes.
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