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HP Prime uses the Giac/Xcas Version 1.1 Engine. Giac/Xcas is an open source CAS (Computer Algebra System) project initiated by Bernard Parisse from Institut Fourier (University of Grenoble I, France).

Giac is a C++ library that has types for symbolic algebraic manipulations. Xcas is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) linked with Giac that provides the functionalities of a general purpose CAS.

Project Background: The Giac/Xcas project began in year 2000, following the development of the CAS for HP graphing calculators. It has around150,000 lines of C++ code which was mostly written by Bernard Parisse. Current development directions include faster algorithms for the mostly used operations: multiplication, division, gcd of multivariate polynomials.

Using Giac/Xcas:

factor(x^4-1); cfactor(x^2+1); normal((x+1)^4)
solve(x^2-3*x+2=0); csolve(x^2=2*i); solve([x+y=1,x-y=3],[x,y])
simplify(sin(3x)/sin(x)); gcd(x^4-1,x^3-1)
f(x):=sin(x^2):; f(sqrt(pi)); f'(2); f'(y)
int(1/(x^4-1)); int(1/(x^4+1)^4,x,0,+infinity)
limit(sin(x)/x,x=0); series(sin(x),x=0,5);
A:=[[1,2],[3,4]]; inv(A); det(A-x*idn(A)); A[0,0]; rref(A); eigenvalues(A); eigenvectors(A);

Updated On: 16.12.20

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