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HP Prime - Finding the GCF

GCF or Greatest Common Factor

Entering gcd(Number1, Number2) will return the greatest common divisor of the two numeric values. The lcm function wull only accepts two values at a time.

Example: Find the GCF (or GCD) for 12, 24, and 32.

  1. Press [CAS] key
  2. Enter gcd(12,24) and press [Enter] key.
  3. It should display the result of 12.
  4. Enter gcd(12,32) and press [Enter] key.
  5. It should display the final result of 4.

Since GCD can only accept two entries at a time, find the GCD of the first two values, and then find the GCD of your answer and the third value.

Updated On: 13.08.27


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