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HP 30b Additional Learning Modules

Brief Table of Contents:

01 Introduction to the learning modules
02 Using RPN and the stack
03 Using algebraic and chain mode
04 Arithmetic
05 Operating modes and error messages
06 Using memories
07 Date calculations
08 Working with percents
09 Markup, margin and percent change calculations
10 Time value of money basics
11 Simple and compound interest
12 Loan payments
13 Down payments
14 Saving for retirement
15 Interest rate conversions
16 Balloon payments
17 Lease payments
18 Canadian mortgages
19 NPV and other DCF calculations
20 IRR and MIRR
21 Financial management rate of return
22 Black Scholes option pricing
23 Bonds and bond duration
24 Amortization
25 Depreciation
26 Breakeven
27 Rearranging items
28 Averages and standard devations
29 Frequency statistics and quartiles
30 Regression
31 Probability distributions
32 Logs, exponentials and other math functions
33 Trigonometry
34 Hyperbolic trigonometry
35 Programming reference guide
36 Programming automating tasks
37 Programming loops and subroutines
38 Programming examples in RPN mode
39 Programming using HP Solve in RPN mode
40 Programming using HP Solve in algebraic mode

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