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HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP Prime Graphing Calculator comes with a feature-rich calculating experience with familiar HP keypad and a large 3.5-inch diagonal, multi-touch display. The HP Prime has a compelling industrial design, innovative color, sleek, brushed metal and a reliable HP key design and feel.

Powerful functionality, Symbolic/Algebraic/Numeric views, Dynamic Geometry, Computer Algebra System (CAS), HP Solve and Equation Writer, Test mode configuration, HP Calculator Connectivity Kit. Harness HP Prime's powerful functionality for your secondary and university level classes with applications including: Advanced Graphing - Graph virtual anything on X & Y, Dynamic Geometry - View and edit symbolic definitions of all geometric objects and Statistics Package - Equipped with one-variable, two-variable and inferential statistics.

HP Prime is the ideal for: Pre Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Linear Algebra, Pre Calculus and Calculus & AP Calculus.

HP Prime has been Exam Approved: SAT® College Admission Exam, SAT Subject Tests™ in Mathematics, AP® Advanced Placement Exams, PSAT/ NMSQT® Preliminary SAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, IB® International Baccalaureate Organization Diploma Programme.

HP Prime CPU: 400 MHz ARM with 32 MB memory and 256 MB flash memory.

HP Prime TFT Display: 320 x 240 True Color Touch Screen (10 lines x 33 characters).

HP Prime Entry System Logic: HP RPN, Algebraic and Textbook entry mode.

HP Prime Keyboard: Alphanumeric which includes selected scientific notations.

HP Prime Power System: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with built-in intelligent power management and auto 5 minutes auto power off.

HP Prime included software: Virtual calculator and software included to transfer work between calculator and PC.

What's in the box? Calculator with Hard Cover, Quick Start Guide, CD, USB cable and Universal power supply.

Updated On: 20.06.16

  1. On 28-Sep-2020, Anonymous wrote: 
    where can I get the special micro A - micro B USB data cable for sending data from one HP Prime to another HP Prime?
    Your reply to Anonymous

  2. On 09-May-2020, Pedro wrote: 
    Hi, just want to ask where to buy this calculator? Thanks
    Your reply to Pedro
    • On 09-May-2020, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi Pedro, thank you for your interest in HP Calculators. You can purchase it online from our authorised reseller at www.eldus.com
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  3. On 30-Jun-2016, Misek wrote: 
    Hello, bought my HP Prime yesterday and learning how to use it. Downloaded some progs which run ok in the virtual calculator but not on the Prime.
    Syntax errors. version 2015 6 17 (8151)
    What can be the problem ?
    Thanks for any help
    Your reply to Misek

  4. On 13-Apr-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    not even a week yet... the screen is flickering constantly (I tried ON+Symbol# also reseting it did not fix the problem) I don't want to return it. help??
    Your reply to Anonymous

  5. On 18-May-2015, Carlos Augusto wrote: 
    I bought a HP PRIME , but I can not put more than three or four files in it , it tells memory. But it has 32MB of memory and 256MB of flash memory. Can anyone help me ? How do I use the memory of it?
    Your reply to Carlos Augusto

  6. On 16-Jun-2014, Mr Torres wrote: 
    I'd like to know where I can buy the HP prime calculator in Singapore.
    Mr Torres
    Your reply to Mr Torres
    • On 11-Jul-2014, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi. The new shipment of HP Prime (aka V2) has just arrived and it is now available at Inforcom and Prestige (downtown). V2 supports touch pinching action to zoom in and out graphing plot.
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  7. On 07-Jun-2014, Dan wrote: 
    Where can I buy this? any suggestions? plsss...... I need this....

    Your reply to Dan
    • On 20-Jul-2014, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi Dan. The HP/Educalc Team will be visiting Manila sometime in August 2014. Do let us know if you would still like more information regarding the HP Prime.
      Your reply to Peter Tong

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In reply to Anonymous, who on 13-Apr-2016 wrote:
not even a week yet... the screen is flickering constantly (I tried ON+Symbol# also reseting it did not fix the problem) I don't want to return it. help??