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After installing the HP 35s Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP 35s Virtual Calculator

Updated On: 20.06.10

  1. On 19-Apr-2021, Robert Anthony Walker wrote: 
    Would like to buy an HP 35s Emulator App for my iPhone 10XR, Cost?
    Your reply to Robert Anthony Walker

  2. On 04-Aug-2020, Martin Du Rand wrote: 
    Land Survey Topic .Back in 1974 I had a HP44 and some steps to do coversion from Polar to Rectangular and backwards (Polars and Joins) working in Degrees min secs I cant find the steps . Does anyone have something similar for HP35S I run Mac but haveWindows Virtual drive. The HP44 was clever and used the Sigma key and two ( I think registry 6 and 7 ) to store the solution in degrees decimal hen you converted from decimal to deg min sec stored the answer then cleared the registry
    Your reply to Martin Du Rand

  3. On 17-Jun-2020, Anonymous wrote: 
    Back Key is very sensitive, clears ALL not just last digit
    Your reply to Anonymous
    • On 23-Apr-2021, Hugh replied: 
      Yes, I have same issue... I'm surprised no one else has commented on this bug. I'm on Win 10 (20H2 19042.928) - if that makes any difference. Good luck - tried Free42??
      Your reply to Hugh

  4. On 10-Feb-2020, Brickpool wrote: 
    This Emulator works also under macOS with WINE. Thank you for sharing HP 35s emulator.
    Your reply to Brickpool

  5. On 12-Nov-2016, Nola Bernstein wrote: 
    Can anyone help me with RPN program instructions for grouped standard deviation HP35S. Manual has ALG instructions only
    Your reply to Nola Bernstein
    • On 28-Feb-2019, Aeberon2 replied: 
      Hi NOLA, did anyone reply to your enquiry as I just might be able to help. I still have an HP55 and a 41C plus an excellent 41CX lookalike on an iPad that works perfectly. I’ll look through some of the stuff I obtained back in the late 70s as I have a programming manual and I’m sure there was a section on standard deviation
      Your reply to Aeberon2
      • On 01-Mar-2019, Nola replied: 
        Thank you so much Kind regards, Nola bernstein (Reply)

  6. On 26-May-2015, Radca wrote: 
    Hi, I've a Hp35s, but I can't use the curve fitting to get the formula for the 4 types of curves like the Hp33s I used to have, I'll apreciate the help how to do it, Thank
    Your reply to Radca

  7. On 26-Mar-2015, Ron wrote: 
    No, the Hp 32sii is no longer made. Yes, it is really a (much) better pocket calculator than the Hp 35s replacement in quality and durability. I too, have both, but it is the Hp 32sii that sits on my desk as well. But Hp only wants to make one pocket scientific and the Hp 35s IS allowed on the NCEES exam and the Hp32sii IS NOT. If you have an older Hp that breaks, Hp still has a calculator that YOU WILL BUY (maybe begrudgingly, but there is nothing else NEW as an alternative).
    That is why an Hp 32sii often sells for much more than a new Hp 35s.
    If you don't mind or want a more powerful graphing calculator, you could upgrade to an Hp 50G or an Hp Prime. The Hp 50G is likely to be discontinued in the next year or so.
    Your reply to Ron

  8. On 13-Mar-2015, Manuel Malafaya-Baptista wrote: 
    I am an "old" user of HP calculators (since the historical Hp 35 !).
    I have an HP 35s calculator,
    as well as an HP 32S II.
    The reason to buy the HP 35s was only due to its memory, compared with HP 32S II.
    On what concerns performance, the HP 32S II is much faster than the HP 35s.
    I think you should try to give the same "velocity" to the next generation of HP 35s calculators (HP 35s II ?) !!!
    I should like to hear your comments about my comments.
    Your reply to Manuel Malafaya-Baptista
    • On 18-Mar-2015, Ron replied: 
      Your comments here are not directly forwarded to Hp's design group.
      To comment on your request about an Hp 35sII. While you provide a valid comment, the Hp 35s is a shell OS emulator on top of another CPU family over the original. Therefore, it is slower. To speed it up would require a faster CPU clock which would use more battery power. This would result in needing to buy batteries more often.
      The Hp 35s is on the market to meet the NCEES exam requirements and provide a pocket calculator replacement for previous Hp scientific calculator users. It meets both. If more features were added (like most users would really prefer), Hp would sacrifice its ability to be used for the NCEES exams. These exams probably result in 20-30% of the sales of this calculator.
      Most other sales are the result of earlier rpn scientific calculator users needing to replace their calculators.
      Probably 20% of the sales are from user's who want a pocket programmable calculator and use it in algebraic mode only.
      Your reply to Ron
      • On 18-Mar-2015, Manuel Malafaya-Baptista replied: 
        Dear RON,
        I read your comments and I can understand the option made for the philosophy of the HP 35s.
        My next proposed question is:
        Is the HP 32SII still manufactured ? If so, why not to think about expanding its memory, reaching the value of the HP 35s memory ?
        From my point of view, the HP 32SII design is a better one !
        Hope to hear from you soon.
        Professor MANUEL MALAFAYA-BAPTISTA (Reply)

  9. On 25-Nov-2013, Zsolt_V wrote: 
    I have an HP 35s calculator.
    Thank you for HP 35s emulator, that works fine !
    Your reply to Zsolt_V
    • On 16-Jun-2020, Jose @ngel replied: 
      I have theHP 35s but it is broken and I want to install the emulator to continue using my programs. firstof all, Thanks
      Your reply to Jose @ngel

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