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HP 10s Emulator

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  2. ⇩ Download from Cached Archive (filesize 9MB) 2013.01.22 Build 19032

After installing the HP 10s Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP 10s Virtual Calculator

Right click on hp logo, uncheck "Hide TitleBar".

Click ON button to use virtual calculator.

Updated On: 15.07.08

  1. On 04-May-2021, Aflimac wrote: 
    Esse emulador pode ser instalado num android j5
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  2. On 29-Oct-2015, Luiz Neves wrote: 
    Emulador calculadora hp 10s
    Your reply to Luiz Neves

  3. On 26-Oct-2015, Luiz Neves wrote: 
    Emulador da Calculadora Científica HP 10s. Comprei a máquina e uso em treinamento. Conectar ao Projetor.
    Your reply to Luiz Neves

  4. On 08-Dec-2013, Barry Moore wrote: 
    It appears any positive integer divided by 9 divided by 9 gives either a 1 or 0. try it with brackets or without.
    100/9/9 = 1 . (100/9)/9 = 0 ( note the / is the divide key)
    Not too accurate as the answer should be 1.234567901. You can get the correct answer by doing 100 x 9^-1 / 9 (100 times 9 raised to power -1 divided by 9).
    Your reply to Barry Moore

  5. On 08-Dec-2013, Barry Moore wrote: 
    there is a serous flaw in the HP10s emmulator. Type a 1 divided by .81 The answer shown is 1, The real answer should be 1.234567901 . A 10 divided by 8.1 gives the correct answer. 0.81 raised to -1 (reciprocal) works correctly. 1 divided by 0.809999999 works correctly but 1 divided by 0.8099999999 gives the incorrect ans of 1.
    Does the fault also exist in a real HP10s?
    I have been using the 1/.81 to check displays on calculators for many years (the result is easy to remember). Comments welcome.
    Your reply to Barry Moore

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