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This Owner’s Handbook is intended to help you get the most out of your investment in your HP Calculator.

hp48g guide

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  1. On 17-Apr-2014, Janos Kocsis wrote: 
    My 48GX only shows \"Recovering Memory\" upon turning on and I can not turn it off. Of course-it ignores command inputs. Previously showed \"Low Batteries\" since it has not been used for longer time. I cleaned contacts, I tried \"Reset\" with paperclip. No use. Can it be saved or at least checked ot? Sincerely: an American in Budapest
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    • On 17-Apr-2014, Ron Ross replied: 
      Try pressing above the B & C softkeys and see if you can then turn the calculator off while putting pressure just below the LCD and above these two keys. If that helps, you have an aged foam backing that doesn't apply enough pressure to the Zebra strip which carries the keyboard contact information to the main board.

      It can be fixed by a calculator repair shop that specializes in HP calculators. However, you can probably buy another calculator for not much more. If it isn't too bad, you might be able to make it last a few more years if you can tolerate pushing on the face plate while turning the calculator on and off and using the cancel command.

      Respond to this post if this works as it will help others confirm this works. Or doesn't.
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  2. On 12-Dec-2012, Jgb2012 wrote: 
    I recently started a post grad MSc on Satellite and Mobile Communications. Some on said that HP48 would not be allowed in the exams. I said that I would allow them to reset my calculator, or even to remove the batteries to make sure calculator memory empty, but if they wouldn’t allow me to use an HP48 in an engineering MSc I would quit. End of the problem, I am going to be allowed to use it in the exams.
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