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HP 3-in-1 Graphing Calculator Emulator

This emulator package uses the Emu48 Engine, a freeware for Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 and XP provided by Christoph Giesselink of GERMANY. The engine makes use of the original ROM Calculator, that can be extracted from the Calculator to run. We have package it to toggle between:

  • HP 39gs Graphing Calculator and HP 40gs with CAS
  • HP 50g Graphing Calculator

However, this pre-pack Emu48 needs a ROM image to work. Because of licensing reasons govern by HP, ROM's aren't included, but they can be downloaded on several other sites.

Google for these files and drop them into this ROM folder.

  • ROM.39G (HP39-A 2000 Beta No. 1.36) for HP39g Emulator.
  • ROM.49G (HP49-C 2006 Revision 2.09) for HP49g Emulator and HP50g Emulator.

Possible links...

In general all HP-ROM files are copyrighted by Hewlett Packard. But since fall 2000 HP ACO allowed the use of the HP38, 39, 40, 48, 49 ROM's even if you're not an owner of this calculator type.


How can I make a dump of my HP Calculator ROM? Emulators for the HP48 generally require an image of your HP's Graphic Calculator internal ROM, also known as a "ROM Dump". You can search the internet to download these extraction software.

⇩ Download - File Size = 2MB KB

Unzip the content into c:EMU48 folder and the double click EMU48.exe to run the program and select the KML Script:

Updated On: 15.07.08

  1. On 20-Oct-2015, Hmd wrote: 
    i hv a hp50g and i need some programs
    like electrics programs laod flow analysis .
    thanks for all
    Your reply to Hmd

  2. On 06-Oct-2015, Eduardo wrote: 
    How do I download an emulator for HP50G
    Your reply to Eduardo

  3. On 30-Sep-2015, Harold Bookstein wrote: 
    Have a 100 gbyte acer. A android tablet and phone. Use phone for modem etc.
    Your reply to Harold Bookstein

  4. On 30-Apr-2013, L.Linares wrote: 
    I have been using the emulator on Windows Vista for years, and I love it. But now I have just purchased a Windows 7 machine, and I miss the HP50g emulator. I have tried to run this one, but it freezes looking for a KLM file (even if I have already made sure there is a KLM file in the emulator directory. Any suggestion will be welcome with many thanks. L.L.
    Your reply to L.Linares

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