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Step-by-step to upgrading your HP50g rom.

Revised on August 2009.

If you are unsure of your ROM version on your calculator, use command VERSION (press twice ALPHA key, type VERSION and then press ENTER key) to find this out. The HP 50g will return two strings, with the first saying something like Version HP50-C Revision #2.08 (in the case your HP50g was set to Algebraic notation mode, you have to press down arrow key to see this information).

This procedure is potentially risky, you may put your calculator into a zombie state! If that happens, you should try the update using another computer.

  • Install connectivity and check that this is working - this is not a pre-requisite but it is a good way to ensure that your computer can communicate with your hp 50g.
    • Start Connectivity Kit Software.
    • Check that the "Connect Using" field has the option "USB Calculator" - if you don’t see this, then it may an indication that your Calculator has not been connected properly to your PC. Or the USB drivers has not been properly install.
  • Perform a HP50g self test:
    • Off the calculator and the hold + - key and then using a pin to push the reset slot (back).
      • You should see on the Calculator screen:
        [1. UPDATE CODE]
        [2. SELF TEST]
        [BOOT V4.01.03.03]
        [SERIAL: CNA#######]
    • Press 2 to select the option.
    • The screen will display the ROM version - if it displays version 04.01 Build 0092, then you need not perform this upgrade.
    • You should take this opportunity to test your calculator by following the screen instructions.
    • Push the pin into the reset slot to terminate this mode.
  • Download software from HP website or local mirror below:
  • Connect the calculator to your computer.
  • Execute the software and following the instructions displayed on your computer.
    • If menu ROM has been grey out, change "Select Using" from Auto to "USB Calculator".
    • Select menu ROM and choose "Download Calculator ROM."
    • Browse and select the rom file - 4950_92.bin and click open.
    • This will display the following instructional box.
      hp49 conn kit dialog
  • On the calculator side:
    • Off the calculator and the hold + - key and then using a pin to push the reset slot (back).
    • Press 1 to select "Update Code".
    • Press 1 to select "USB"
    • The screen will display "BEGIN UPDATE" and it will show the progress till the entire sequence has completed.
  • Click OK button on the computer to start the transfer.
    If the transfer don’t run, try removing the USB cable from the Calculator and reinsert it back again.
  • A download dialog box should appear monitoring the download process. This should take around 1 minute.
  • On the Calculator, you should progressively see:
    [WAIT REST] ** Warning: do not power off calculator until you see this message!
  • When the download is finish (the calculator displays: "Update Finish, waiting for reset"), press the reset button, your calculator has been upgraded.
  • If your HP49g+ can power up, chances is that the update was successful.

Verify the update:

  • Perform a HP50g self test:
  • Off the calculator and the hold + - key and then using a pin to push the reset slot (back).
    • You should see on the Calculator screen:
      [1. UPDATE CODE]
      [2. SELF TEST]
      [BOOT V4.01.03.03]
      [SERIAL: CNA#######]
  • Press 2 to select the option.
  • The screen on the HP50g will display the version 04.01 Build 0092.

Updated On: 15.02.18

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  1. On 12-Feb-2018, Celso Cipolato wrote: 
    What are the benefits I get when updating ROM of my HP 50 G?
    Your reply to Celso Cipolato
    • On 15-Feb-2018, Ron replied: 
      Not many benefits for the risk of turning your Hp 50G into a brick. However the best way is to install/update from an SD card. You are aware that the Hp 50G has already been beta tested as the Hp 49G+, so even the original ROM on the Hp 50G was pretty good.
      Your reply to Ron

  2. On 18-Mar-2016, Nick Lebo wrote: 
    How do you reinstall help on hp50g connectivity kit
    Your reply to Nick Lebo

  3. On 17-Sep-2014, Russell Smith wrote: 
    I could not get this process to work, mainly because of the lack of specific information about how long to hold the plus and minus keys after releasing the reset button. I was never able to get the "self test/update" menu to display. I was able to use the description and the video on how to accomplish this using an SD card because it was a little more specific. I am glad there is still somebody supporting the HP calculators. I used to get the catalogs in the mail when there was a brick-and-mortar store. Anybody having problems with this procedure, try the task using the SD card.
    Your reply to Russell Smith
    • On 11-Jul-2015, TechAlex replied: 
      I was able to get this process working without too much trouble. I had a little trouble getting the keys with an S working, I thought only the plus(+) key was suppose to be pressed.
      Alex from Los Angeles, USA.
      Your reply to TechAlex
    • On 18-Sep-2016, Anonymous replied: 
      At first I had your same problem, but then, also thanks to the other reply on yours, I realized that "hold +- key" had to be interpreted in the sense "hold down BOTH + and - KEYS", and this way I succeeded
      Your reply to Anonymous

  4. On 29-Apr-2014, Lothar Bschel wrote: 

    HP 50g Graphing calculator




    Your reply to Lothar Bschel

  5. On 16-Mar-2014, Peter Tong wrote: 
    Hi Yannick. Thank you for the update. You are right to observe that ROM 2.15 (04.01 Build 0092) was not the latest as it was released nearly 4 years ago, my guess was that ROM 04.01 Build 0092 was a relatively minor upgrade to make the 50g compatible to HP Streamsmart 410 as 50g with 2.15 was only compatible to the earlier HP Streamsmart 400. Peter
    Your reply to Peter Tong

  6. On 13-Mar-2014, Yannick wrote: 
    Just for info. I just by a new HP50G and his ROM version is ROM 04.02 Built 0106. It is more recent than the built 0092, and so, the 2.15 ROM version is NOT the latest.
    Your reply to Yannick
    • On 12-Mar-2015, Tom L replied: 
      2.15 is the latest version number but there are different builds within that version. 0106 is the latest build of version 2.15.
      Your reply to Tom L
    • On 30-May-2015, Anon Y. Mouse replied: 
      Different ways of getting the info give different information, perhaps different subsystems have different numbers. Using the Version command, my (just bought days ago, NIB) HP50g reports "Version HP50-C Revision #2.15" "Copyright HP 2009" But in the self-test area (ON+F4) it reports Version # 4.02 and Build # 0106. Suspect these are either looking at different strings within the ROM or are referring to two different things. On the back, embossed, is "HPK-49GPLUS(B)". If that helps. Just learning the system, and it seems pretty powerful; sadly, however, I still can't get Siri to work on it though. ;-b Other students look at me funny when I talk to it. "Siri, what's the antiderivative of natural log of x" and it just sits there. One day I'll figure it out. Cell reception on it is terrible too, I might add. I can't find the dial button either... okay, sorry... I'll stop.
      Your reply to Anon Y. Mouse
      • On 11-Jul-2015, TechAlex replied: 
        I just got mine too, two days ago actually, I thought I got the HP50G but on the back it says: HPK-49GPLUS(B), what? I guess the cover was for the 49. the ON plus F4 very handy tip, thank you for sharing. I have the HP Prime too, two different animals. The 50G reminds me the 48SX that I had for so long, I was a proud owner of it. (Reply)

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