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hp 20b - Performing Complete Self Test

Press ON PMT + all 3 button at the same time.
Display "Tst Screen"
Press INPUT.

Perform the screen test by pressing any key 12 times.

It should return to Display "Tst Screen".

Press the DOWN arrow then INPUT.
Display "Tst Keyboard"
Press INPUT.

Perform the keyboard test.

Press ON PMT + at the same time (3 button simultaneously). Press [ON/CE] key to exit test.

Updated On: 12.07.14

  1. On 13-Sep-2013, Lealyn D. Louis wrote: 
    Good evening! I just bought my hp 20b last wednesday september 10, 2013 but i only opened it tonight. I pressed the On button like what the Quickguide said but it won’t turn on! is it really like that?or something to do with the battery? I really need to use it for my Finance subject. Please help.Thanks
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