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HP 30b Business Professional

HP 30b Business Professional comes pre-packed with an extensive library of finance, business, real estate, and statistical functions, it’s easy to use and learn. The intuitive layout, fast processor, and 2-line alphanumeric display give you quick answers. Add custom calculations for your course curriculum or line of business with convenient programming capability.

HP 30b in a nutshell:

  • Easy to use and learn. Its user interface is similar to the HP 20b.
  • Lots of powerful business and statistical functions.
  • Plenty of memory - can store up to 50 pairs of statistics or cash flow data.
  • Programmable - 290 steps macro programming.
  • Elegant and ergonomic.
  • Large 2-line display that can show up to 12 digits
  • HP’s accurate rotate-and-click keyboard technology.
  • Choose your data entry option of Time-saving RPN, familiar algebraic, or traditional chain algebraic.
  • Built-in Black-Scholes Equation, used to calculate the theoretical premium for calls and puts.
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