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HP 30b RPN Programmable Business Calculator

For business or school, the versatile HP 30b Business Professional gives fast, accurate answers. Extensive math library of finance, business, real estate, and statistical functions at your fingertips like TVM, IRR, MIRR, FMRR, bonds, depreciation and cashflows; Powerful interest conversion functions; Dedicated amortization key; 9 statistical models, standard error, covariance and more; Quickly program custom calculations that can be access later; Powerful math library including trigonometry, hyperbolic and advanced probability functions; Choice of time-saving RPN and traditional algebraic (chain or hierarchical) data entry. Beveled keys with HP’s rotate-and-click technology.

HP 30b has a 2 line alphanumeric and adjustable contrast LCD display. First line: Scroll through variables, detailed labels, menus and prompts of up to 8 characters scrolling display + 11 indicators; Second line: Display up to 12 digits for easy viewing of large numbers.

HP 30b has a thin profile with raised edges to protect the keyboard and screen with Tapered sides feel comfortable in your hand.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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    • On 27-Jan-2019, Anonymous replied: 
      只有英文手册可用 : Only english manual is available
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    • On 03-May-2019, Leyiuyuan replied: 
      需要hp30b中文使用说明书,谢谢🙏;HP30B Chinese specification is required;thank you!
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