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HP 42s RPN Scientific Calculator

HP42s has Memory Permanent memory with 8192 bytes for program and all data, program and variables shared. HP42s has a 132x16 LCD dot matrix, 22x2 characters display. Two line display showing X and Y register or X register and top function key assignments. Solver (root finding), matrix operations, numerical integration, complex numbers, strings, various curve fitting models. Software compatible to HP-41. Graphics capabilities and infrared port for printing. The HP 42s is often considered one of HP high-end machine and was designed to be code-compatible with the famous HP-41.

To have a feel of HP 42s, you can download the HP 42s emulator and run it from the PC.

The HP 42S is a programmable RPN Scientific hand held calculator introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1988. It has advanced functions suitable for those involved in mathematics, linear algebra, statistical analysis, computer science and other applications.

hp 42s

Note: HP no longer produce HP42S Calculator. This page was provided for information purpose only.

Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 14-Sep-2017, Bernard Rousseau wrote: 
    Hold EXT and press +
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  2. On 07-Jul-2013, CRAWLIN'BY wrote: 
    I need to buy a hewlett packard 42s....Where?
    Your reply to CRAWLIN'BY
    • On 07-Jul-2013, Ron replied: 
      Your best bet for a quick purchase is ebay. It usually sells for a lot, anything under $200 is considered a good buy. If you want something for less money, here are some alternative options, none are a perfect replacement.
      The Hp35s is the current Hp that is closest to an Hp 42s. Has 32 K of RAM, but doesn’t do matrix math of same level. Doesn’t have long variable names. Doesn’t have softkeys with descriptive labels. Not quite as small. Keyboard and quality are also a bit less. LCD display is easier to read though.
      Hp 17Bii, is very similar to Hp 42s and has a nice solver. Doesn’t have trig functions, doesn’t have matrix math functions. Has an easier to use solver and better statistics features.
      Older Hp 48G: Same keyboard quality, better features and functions. However, it is a bulky graphing calculator. Your best all around replacement aside from form factor, it isn’t a pocket calculator.
      Newer Hp 50G, faster than Hp 48G, but new keyboard is ok, but enter key in lower right.
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    • On 13-Feb-2019, Kerry replied: 
      [URL] www.swissmicros.com/dm42.php
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  3. On 10-Aug-2012, Ad Van Dyke wrote: 
    Hi there; does anybody has a solution for me to bring the display of my HP42S first generation back to normal readabillity. At present the contrast is very poor. Batteries are fresh and pushing Exit /+/- works up and down but does not result in normal contrast. Thanks en best regards, Ad
    Your reply to Ad Van Dyke
    • On 09-Nov-2013, Deb replied: 
      I want my 42S to display X and Y data lines. I’m stuck with another display. How do I get back to two lines x and y?
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