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Calculator is ok till I changed its batteries

Now my calculator cannot startup! Remember, always before changing batteries, back up any programs or solver equations!

One common problem is after installing new batteries, the calculator appears dead and will not power up. This can be sometimes be fixed by completely resetting the calculator and completely clearing memory.

Remove the battery cover and shake the batteries out. Now, using a small coin (or paper clip), slip the sides of the coin between the battery spring clips so that you touch both sides of the battery clips at the same time with the coin. This discharges the internal storage and will clear memory. Now, reinstall the batteries, observing the proper polarity picture shown on the case, slip on the battery cover and turn it on. You should see a "Memory Clear", "Pr Error" or similar message and you’re back to calculating.

Updated On: 12.09.03

  1. On 17-Mar-2021, Cleve wrote: 
    I just pulled out an old HP 16C that hasn't been used in at least two decades (no batteries in it). I put in new A36s but it was dead. Then I searched for and found this tip. It took a couple of tries and it now turns on and works. Thanks!
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  2. On 08-Aug-2017, Anonymous wrote: 
    My hpbii+ calculator keeps switching off when I use it. I know it's not the battery as the symbol doesn't show. What could be the problem?
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