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HP 19bII Business Consultant Calculator

HP 19bII Product Features

  • Over 450 business, statistical, and scientific functions
  • Includes HP Solve application
  • Graphing display lets you view histograms, scatter diagrams, and curve fits
  • List-based, 2-variable statistics and forecasting
  • Calculate using algebraic notation or RPN

HP 19bII Technical Details

  • Display: 4-line-by-23-character LCD
  • Entry system logic: Algebraic / RPN
  • Memory / RAM: 6,500 bytes
  • Built-in functions: Over 450
  • Keyboard: Numbers and letters
  • Business and finance features: TVM, amortization, cash flow analysis, print table, bond price and yield, depreciation methods, interest rate conversions, currency conversions, and unit conversions
  • Statistics and mathematics: Statistical analysis; standard deviation, mean, weighted mean; forecasting, correlation coefficient; +, -, *, / , %, 1 / x, + / -, 1n, X, ex, n!, yx, SUM x, SUM 2x, SUM y, SUM y2, SUM xy, LOG, 10x, pi, x
  • Time and data management: Clock, calendar, appointments, alarms, date arithmetic, number lists, edit, sort, store
  • Power source: 3 N-type batteries
  • Weight: 16 ounces

The HP 19bII differs from HP 19b only in including an RPN option for calculations.Neither calculator is programmable, but you can store an equation forthe Solver to work on.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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