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hp 50g - Installing and Running Software

Basically, you just have to STOre the .lib file - i.e. the "library" - in a memory port.

Usually port no. 2 is suitable for the purpose, so you may want to choose between two alternatives:

1) recall the object on the stack, then store it to port 2
In case of the "Editor rapido" library, you´ll get something like:

1: Library 1119: EDIT...

Now you can just type:
[LEFT SHIFT][.] to put a pair of "::" on the stack
[2] to choose port no. 2
[RIGHT ARROW] to move past the rightmost ":"
[1][1][1][9] [ENTER] to specifiy the library ID number
[STO] to store the library no. 1119 into memory port no. 2

Now just perform a warm reset [ON]+[F3] and you´re done.

2) move the library to port 2 using the Filer

use the Filer to highlight the .lib file, then choose MOVE and then specify port no. 2 as the destination.
Always end up with the warm reset.

Updated On: 08.09.24

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