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HP CAS on HP 50g

The HP CAS system was created by Bernard Parisse of University de Grenoble for the HP 49g calculator. It was later implemented on the HP 48gII, HP 49g+, and HP 50g Graphing Calculators. The HP CAS system offers the user a vast array of functions and abilities as well as an easy user interface. It also includes the ability to display many algebraic calculations in "step-by-step" mode, making it an invaluable teaching tool in universities and schools. Functions are grouped by category and accessed via choose boxes of menus at the bottom of the screen.

Example: Factorise the expression (x-4)(x+5)-(x-40)

Here are the steps involved:

  • Press [Shift] [EQW].
  • On the Equation Writer Screen, enter the following key sequence. [(] [X] [-] [4] and the press the [Up Arrow] key 4 times to highlight "(X-4)". Press [*] [(] [X] [+] [5] and press the [Up Arrow] key 4 times to hightlight "(X-4)*(X+5)". Press [-] [(] [X] [-] [4] [0].
    CAS Entry
    Press Up Arrow 7 times to highlight "(x-4)(x+4)-(x-40)".
  • Press {FACTO} soft key to simply the entire expression.
    CAS Solution

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