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HP 20 b Keyboard & Display Reference

HP 20b

HP 20b uses a new "soft touch & feel" keyboard technology.

Keyboard and Display:

  1. Time Value of Money keys.
  2. Cash Flows, IRR, and NPV menus.
  3. Data and Statistics menus.
  4. Large Input key.
  5. Memory key (shift).
  6. Up/Insert and Down/Delete keys.
  7. Shift key.
  8. On/Off key.
  9. Mathematical functions (Divide, Multiply, Minus, Plus Keys).
  10. Math Menu (shift).
  11. Backspace key and Reset menu (shift).
  12. Break-even menu.
  13. Recall key and Store key (shift).
  14. % key and Percent Calculation menu (shift).
  15. Amortization anddDepreciation menus (shift).
  16. LCD Annunciator Display Area.

HP 20 b - How to:

Updated On: 13.09.15

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