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HP20b - Dedicated Math Key

Math Lib

Shifted Function Mathematical Operations

  • [Shift][EEX] Keys in numbers with explicit powers of 10.
  • [Shift][SIN] Calculates sine.
  • [Shift][COS] Calculates cosine.
  • [Shift][TAN] Calculates tangent.
  • [Shift][LN] Natural log.
  • [Shift][ex] Calculates natural exponent to the power of x.
  • [Shift][x2] Returns square of x.
  • [Shift][sqrt] Calculates square root.
  • [Shift][RAND] Executes the Random function. Returns a random number in the range 0 < x <1.
  • [Shift][ ! ] Calculates factorial of x(where 0 ≤ x≤ 253).
  • [Shift][yx] Returns y to the xpower.
  • [Shift][1/x] Reciprocal.
  • [Shift][RND] Rounds x internally to the number specified by the display format. Default is two digits to the right of the decimal point.
  • More functions: [Math] key.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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