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Updated On: 16.12.18

  1. On 12-Dec-2020, SFMO wrote: 
    Trying to find a manual for a HP 20S scientific calculator. preferably downloadable PDF.
    Your reply to SFMO

  2. On 09-Oct-2020, Felicity Shires wrote: 
    hey im in
    Your reply to Felicity Shires

  3. On 17-Jul-2015, Norm Sellen wrote: 
    I am trying to down load HP10bII manual, but cannot get past 1st page
    Your reply to Norm Sellen

  4. On 10-Jul-2014, W G wrote: 
    Hope this finds you well.
    I would like to download the manual for the HP-41 CX, but have searched several pages deep on the Web with no luck. Had thought this site would have it, but no luck.
    Can you please help me?
    Your reply to W G
    • On 10-Mar-2015, BartDB replied: 
      There are online manuals for the 41-series available at
      Your reply to BartDB

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