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This document describes how to set the desired number of decimal places on the HP 12C Calculator in standard format and in scientific notation.

Instructions for standard format

  1. Press and release the gold PREFIX key (f).
  2. Press the number key for the desired number of decimal places (0 through 9).

The display will show the specified number of decimal places. The answer will be rounded to the number of digits selected.

Example (standard format)

If the number in the display is 14.87456320, the display will be changed as follows:



[ f ] 5


[ f ] .

1.438456  01

[ f ] 0


[ f ] 9


Instructions for scientific notation

  1. Press and release the gold PREFIX key (f).
  2. Press the decimal point key.

Example (scientific notation)

The number 14.87456320 will be displayed as 1.487456 01
NOTE: A maximum of 10 digits can show on the display.

NOTE: Changing the Display from a Comma to a Decimal Point.

Updated On: 13.01.27

  1. On 24-Apr-2016, Mike wrote: 
    I have0,00 and I want a decimal where my comma is.
    Your reply to Mike

  2. On 24-Feb-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    My calculator will not change the decimal from 2 when i press f and the the number. It will just show the number that i pressed.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 12-May-2014, Shawn wrote: 
    Hi - When i type 3743725.00 and hit enter , it becomes as 3743.725000 .why is it ? Thanks
    Your reply to Shawn

  4. On 20-Sep-2013, Anonymous wrote: 
    How do I keep all integer digits without the calculator going into scientific notation, e.g. 123,456,789,012 not to be converted to scientific notnotation display when adding or subtracting?
    Your reply to Anonymous

  5. On 21-Jun-2013, Anonymous wrote: 
    an asterisk is blinking, what is that mean
    Your reply to Anonymous
    • On 24-Jun-2013, Ron replied: 
      It means you should change batteries. On the older models, you could wait for weeks, but on the newer calculators, you might only have a day or so, before your calculator dies and all programs in the memory are lost.
      Your reply to Ron

  6. On 02-Apr-2013, Anonymous wrote: 
    can not get the decimal on hp12c to move 2 spots to the right. if I divide 1000 by 4 it shows 2.5 and should be 250.
    Your reply to Anonymous
    • On 02-Apr-2013, Peter Tong replied: 
      Try resetting the calculator. http://www.educalc.net/144618.page
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  7. On 05-Mar-2013, Anonymous wrote: 
    Thank you!!!
    Your reply to Anonymous

  8. On 22-Feb-2013, Kelly wrote: 
    my 11C is stuck in scientific notation mode - pressed [f] 2 but will not change back - thank you
    Your reply to Kelly

  9. On 03-Feb-2013, Anonymous wrote: 
    Had mine for 30 years still works like a charm. Havea "C in the display. how to remove?
    Your reply to Anonymous
    • On 03-Feb-2013, Anonymous replied: 
      Check this out.
      "Pressing [STO][EEX] will remove the C from the display."
      Your reply to Anonymous

  10. On 27-Jan-2013, Don wrote: 
    I was given an HP 12C. I can’t find any keys for entering scientific notation. I need to multiply something by 6 x 10 exp 23.
    Your reply to Don
    • On 27-Jan-2013, Peter Tong replied: 
      Press [f] [dot] to enable the scientific notation mode.
      10 [Enter] 23 [yx] 6 [x] the calculator should display
      6.00000 23. Press [f] [2] to return display mode back to 2 decimal places.
      Your reply to Peter Tong

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