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HP12c and HP12c Platinum Error Conditions

Some calculator operations cannot be performed under certain conditions (for example, divide when X-register = 0). If you attempt such an operation under these conditions, the calculator will display the word Error followed by a digit, 0 through 8. Listed below are the definitions of each error number.

0 Mathematics error. When HP12c Platinum Calculator attempt to divide by zero. Also operations which would result in complex numbers (example: SQRT(-1)).

1 Storage Register Overflow. When performing storage register arithmetic the magnitude of a result is greater than 9.999999999E+99 may occur on the HP12C.

2 Statistics. Trying to perform a statistics function or linear estimation on the HP12c Platinum Calculator when improper condition exists.

3 IRR. The calculation of IRR is very complex. This error indicates that the given initial guess was not sufficiently close to the correct value. Make a guess for the interest rate and key it in. On the HP12c Platinum Calculator, press RCL g R/S to enter the new guess into the calculator. Then press f IRR. This guess value is not held in continous memory, and is only valid during the current session.

4 Memory error. Attempting to enter more than 99 program lines into the HP12c Platinum Calculator .

5 Compound interest and depreciation errors.

6 Storage registers and discounted cash flow register errors.

7 IRR. No answer exists for the given cash flows.

8 Calendar function errors. Usually date format is incorrect. When in D.MY mode the date must be entered via the following format: dd.mmyyyy and when in M.DY mode: mm.ddyyyy.

Pr Error Continous memory has been reset. Displayed when the program is started and cannot find an initialization file, usually placed in the default program directory. This is a way to reset Continous Memory: simply delete the initialization file before starting the program. All registers are set to zero and program memory is filled with the g GTO 00 instruction.

At any time a number is too large to be displayed in the display, the display shows 9.999999 99. This means that the last operation resulted in an overflow condition. If that should happen when a program is running the program will halt. Also when an operation results in a number less than 1E-99 then that number is replaced by zero.

Updated On: 12.09.20

  1. On 02-Nov-2019, John Arias wrote: 
    Keep gettjng error 7 & I cleared and reset the registers to manufactory conditions. This platinum hp 12c is a nightmare. Any pointers on how to fix this I have a exam soon.
    Your reply to John Arias
    • On 03-Nov-2019, Peter Tong replied: 
      Could be a fault in the calculator. Try removing it's batteries and replacing it back after a couple of minutes.
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  2. On 21-Jun-2019, Ponchco2@gmail.com wrote: 
    On IRR calculations, it always shows Error7. Just bought it!
    Your reply to Ponchco2@gmail.com
    • On 21-Jun-2019, Anonymous replied: 
      try the example on [URL] www.educalc.net/145963.page and see if you can solve the problem
      Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 23-Dec-2018, Ellen wrote: 
    Put new batteries. Reset both with paper clip and coin. Screen says 1 r when turned on.
    Your reply to Ellen

  4. On 07-Jan-2015, Linda wrote: 
    My HP 12C has an error message that will not go away. U _ is on the screen and under the underscore it says RAD. The HP 12C will not shut off unless I remove the battery. I put a paper clip on the prongs where the battery goes to reset it and then put the battery back in and the error just comes back. Is my HP 12C toast after 18 years of functioning??
    Your reply to Linda

  5. On 20-Apr-2013, Xiaodan wrote: 
    I want to calculate interest rate because I am taking business class,but always shows erro.And I even cannot use power key,eg, 2^3....
    Your reply to Xiaodan
    • On 20-Apr-2013, Peter Tong replied: 
      You may want to run calculator self test.
      And the keyboard test
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  6. On 03-Jul-2012, Natashalowell wrote: 
    display shows numbers and commas 2,00 or 0,00 how do I get back to showing 00.00???
    Your reply to Natashalowell

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